Thursday, February 18, 2010

PAL's Econolight Fare: A Rejoinder

Remember what I said in a previous post about this fare?

Well, now it's happening! They've started to tweak it to suit competition. Though not as straightforward as Cebu Pacific's, its good enough for us the travelers!

See all about it here!

So what gives? Well, for starters, I tried looking for a flight MNL-CEB one-way on 23APR10. What did I get? On PAL's Econolight, I could get it at PHP1,150 which becomes PHP1,288 after taxes. Its a 6PM flight (prime if you may). On Cebu Pacific, same day and destination, the cheapest available is PHP1,285 which becomes PHP1,378.40 after taxes and its a 1:55PM flight (not good for those who want to take lunch on the dot)!


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